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Peterson ATS Sawmill – Side by Side Sizing Winches

Layla Robinson

ATS Feature - Side by Side Vertical Sizing Winches

ATS Feature - Side by Side Sizing

Both vertical sizing winches on the ATS (All Terrain Sawmill) are at the operator’s end to minimise walking time, unlike imitation models by other companies, that position the winches at each end. Additional crank handles for the ATS, allow you to adjust the log taper easily. This means more efficient cutting and greater recovery from your log.

Petersons genius parallel track raising design, means minimal uneven boards and more consistency. Two great strengths of a Peterson Swingmill are the portability and the huge variety of cuts possible. The ATS takes both these features to the extreme. There is more information to be found on the Peterson ATS (All Terrain Sawmill) here. Or watch this great video.

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