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Great Portable Sawmill Shootout 2015 – Splinters and Shootouts

Kerris Browne

Paul Bunyan Show 2015

Every year no matter how organized we try to be, there always seems to be a splinter in our Great Portable Sawmill Shootout performance…

Some little excuse. Someone shows up late. The mill didn’t get run in first. The dial was a minuscule out. The sawdoctor stuffed-up the blade retip. The tailout person didn’t have enough experience. The log moved. We got shit logs. They got our tally wrong and the list goes on. These are all things that happen in the field. Every day. So we chin up and carry on knowing we have the best sawmill out there, happy that WE know it…and keen to show the punters too!

This year, there was no splinter.

Our guys were on site two days early. We sent the sawmill three months ahead of time. The dials were spot on. The blades were tipped correctly. The tailout person and the sawyer were both experienced. The logs didn’t move. The log lot was ok for once. Our final tally was correct. SO WE KICKED BUTT.

We sawed a new production rate record for a swingblade sawmill according to The Great Portable Sawmill Shootout tally team. Now THAT news is a great Christmas present!

I want to thank my darling husband Chris Browne and the most awesomest woodchopper in the world – Nathan Waterfield – for making an arse-whooping team and running our sawmills to their true abilities. Nathan, I’m adding some extra points to your tally towards a trip to NZ for your family in 2017. Chris, I’ll say thank you in a slightly more personal way…

Merry Christmas and a Rocking New Year to you all!

Sawmill Production Record - Great Portable Sawmill Shootout

Kerris Browne is the CEO of Peterson Portable Sawmills and has spearheaded the company’s campaign to sell top quality products and provide the best in customer service for over 20 years.

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