Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Portable Sawmill Features

Peterson Portable Sawmill features far outweigh those of cheaper imitations, not only in quality, but in efficiency and versatility as well.

Some of the portable sawmill features that make Peterson the sawmiller’s choice are the Hi/Lo track set up on the WPF and ASM models, the elevated saw engine, operator’s end sizing winches and more powerful motor options. The Peterson range also offer accessories to increase profitability for mill owners including a clip-on slabbing unit, planer blade and now even a sanding disc!

Peterson can’t be beat on portable sawmill features, see specific milling advantages below.


Compare Peterson and Lucas

Comparing Peterson and Lucas Portable Sawmills – from a guy who has both

As the current owner of a Peterson 8” swingblade, and a Lucas 8” swingblade, Bill Shore is uniquely qualified to discuss…

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The Junior Peterson – Rich with features every sawmiller can appreciate

The Junior Peterson may have a smaller cutting capacity than the rest of the Peterson Portable Sawmill range, but it…

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Peterson Sawmill Feature – Sawmill Warranty on Frames

Peterson Sawmills offer a 3-year sawmill warranty on our frame components. We manufacture the Peterson Portable Sawmill range using quality…

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Peterson Sawmill Feature – Faster Blade Sharpening

To decrease downtime, the Peterson blade can be sharpened while it is still on the mill; in less than 10 minutes,…

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Vanguard Motor on Peterson Sawmill

Peterson Sawmill Feature – More Powerful Sawmill Motor Options

        Petersons are proud to offer 30hp and 38hp Kohler, 35hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard big-block gasoline options,…

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Stack of Timber

Peterson Feature – Parallel to Grain Cutting

Peterson’s ATS mills have a patented track raising system to allow parallel to grain cutting. Essentially this track raising system…

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ATS Feature - Side by Side Sizing

Peterson ATS Sawmill – Side by Side Sizing Winches

Both vertical sizing winches on the ATS (All Terrain Sawmill) are at the operator’s end to minimise walking time, unlike imitation…

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Standard Feature - Cyclonic Air Filters

Peterson Sawmill Feature – Cyclonic Air Filters

These state-of-the-art filters separate clean air from debris and liquids by the design and rotation of the air intake. Petersons…

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High Sawmill Motor Mount

Peterson Sawmill Feature – Elevated Sawmill Engine

One of the features of the Peterson Portable Sawmill is it’s elevated sawmill engine. Petersons mount their engines higher than other manufacturers…

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Positive Lock

Peterson Sawmill Feature – Positive Lock for Left-Right Sizing

Peterson’s positive lock for left/right sizing system is run by chain and sprocket, with a turning handle and lock. So…

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