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Cutting Comments – Peterson’s CEO’s Blog

Our CEO, Kerris Browne shares stories and updates direct from Peterson Portable Sawmills’ HQ in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Peterson Portable Sawmills at Stand O16, SawTechLogExpo, Renfrew, Ontario.

Chris Browne in Canada to train new Peterson sawmill owners

My name has been mentioned in this blog a lot in the past, so I’ve decided to hijack it! I’m Chris…

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Peterson mill in a Flat Pack

CEO Challenges and Opportunities in May

  When we face challenges in business, we look for opportunities.  Earlier this year we agreed to provide our American…

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Ezra and Aaron in background with mill, Layla in foreground introducting ATS interview session.

When the Boss is Busy with “Running Business”

Though I am the CEO of Petersons, I also have running business interests in other activities : including a Bed-and-Breakfast; working…

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Please VOTE for Kerris – Making Sport and Fitness Coaching Accessible for Anyone

As well as being CEO of Peterson Portable Sawmills, I am passionate about helping people achieve fitness and health goals…

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Kerris and powertools, home woodworking project

Fresh start in 2017

Here in New Zealand, Christmas and New Year holidays coincide with our annual summer break. New Year’s Eve is traditionally…

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Ash and Kerris celebrating before Peterson holidays

Tis the season, summer holidays

‘Tis the season for outdoor summer festivities in New Zealand, and the Peterson team have been winding down for the…

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Apologetic gift of Wine

Stuff-up of the Year!

Ok so we are real human beings. We make mistakes… sometimes. Someone didn’t tell someone else something, and a part…

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Kerris and Chris Browne

The Wife of a Sawmill Specialist

It’s hard being a single mum and the wife of a sawmill specialist! Yes, I DO have a husband –…

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Sawmill Production Record - Great Portable Sawmill Shootout

Great Portable Sawmill Shootout 2015 – Splinters and Shootouts

Every year no matter how organized we try to be, there always seems to be a splinter in our Great…

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Portable Sawmill cutting boards

From Sawmill Design and Operation, to Sawmill Salesman

I’m sure you sawmilling families can totally relate. When the Sawmill operator has to use the Internet…yeah right! Great sawmill…

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