Peterson Portable Sawmills

Automated Swingblade Mill by Peterson Portable Sawmills

The Automated Swingblade Mill by Peterson Portable Sawmills is a revolutionary product designed by the inventors of the commercial portable swingblade sawmills. The mill is ideal for commercial operations and full-time millers.

The ASM makes horizontal and vertical cuts, changes the size or depth of the cut, and removes the previously cut board, all at the touch of a button by the operator. Designed with high production in mind, the ASM maintains fast and consistent production throughout the entire day.

The ASM can be operated with an optional patented Board Remover which returns boards to either end of the mill. This is ideal for single person milling as it allows high production. The board remover also acts as a great stabilizer, which means it increases the rigidity and stability of the blade, making for a smoother cut with less deviation.

Using simple set works that don’t take a mathematician to operate, two buttons change the width of cut, and two buttons change the depth. The drive speed is controlled with a lever, which you move forward to go, and pull to bring back. It’s that easy to get incredibly accurate boards with high production.

Peterson Portable Sawmills at Stand O16, SawTechLogExpo, Renfrew, Ontario.

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