Peterson Portable Sawmills

Sawmill Photo Gallery

Discover where Peterson owners operate their mills. Find out what Peterson owners recommend when setting up  their mills.  Learn how Peterson owners have used their portable sawmills. From sawing in dense bush to the beaches of Louisiana, there’s a Peterson mill for any situation, and a sawmill photo to match.

If you would like to show us what you’ve been doing with your sawmill, email your details and photos through to us.

Your Peterson sawmill photo may soon feature in the gallery below.


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Customers – John Beathard, USA

Customers – Paul Blyton, Australia

Customers – Mike Hillard, USA

Customers – Petersons in Papua New Guinea

Mill Model – Junior Peterson (JP)

Mill Model – All Terrain Sawmill (ATS)

Mill Model – Winch Production Frame (WPF)

Mill Model – Automated Swingblade Mill (ASM)

Mill Model – Dedicated Wide Slabber (DWS)

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