Peterson Portable Sawmills

The Best Portable Sawmill on the Market

There are many reasons why Peterson Portable Sawmills design and manufacture the best portable sawmill on the market today. The company stand behind their product 100% and are proud of their top quality, versatile and efficient portable swingblade mills.

Since the invention of the swingblade mill by Peterson Portable Sawmills, many people have tried to replicate the technology. The ease of use, the amazing versatility and the machine’s portability, all make Peterson’s swingblade a great mill. Replicas on the market offer many of these things also, but they do not have the quality of the original swingblade mill, or show the innovation in their designs as Peterson’s have shown over the years.

Download this fact sheet to see why we stand out as innovators in our field:
The Versatility of a Peterson

Our Advantages

We’re Open 7 Days a Week
Here at Petersons we can be contacted on one of our Toll Free phone numbers 7 days a week. We have a live helper running 40 hours on our website and we have Agents and State Reps working all over the world.

Training and Accommodation Free in New Zealand
Petersons offer an excellent training package when you purchase any Peterson Portable Sawmill. The package includes free training at Peterson HQ in Rotorua, New Zealand, plus accommodation and meals. Click here for more information on this offer.

The Best After Sales Support
We don’t just sell you a mill and call that the end, we call it the beginning of the relationship. We take good care of all of our mill owners, including those who have purchased a used mill from another owner – we will help any Peterson Sawmill operator as much as we can. For this reason, we have extensive information in the Owners Only Area of our website, including downloadable manuals, business information and a discussion forum.

We Obtain the Highest Safety Certification
All of our standard mills have CE Certification. This certification is the highest internationally recognized standard for safety compliance.

Great Recovery and High Production
A proven recovery rate of up to 85% and 1.14 LRF on good logs. This is partly due to the accuracy of the Peterson mill, which cuts boards to an accurate 1mm. All that and more gives Peterson mills a high recovery rate of 3 – 10+ cubic metres (1272 – 4237 bft) a day.

Easier to Use
Peterson mills are known for ease of set-up and use. Handling logs is also made easy with a Peterson mill, logs are simply rolled into place or you can set the mill up around the log.

High Resale Value
Peterson mills are built to last and are made of extremely durable products; this makes the re-sale value high – most owners only lose about 10% from what they paid for it.

Effective One-Person Operation
The Peterson is the best portable sawmill for one-person operation. Unloading, setup, operation, board removal, disassemble and loading up again is simple and easy when milling on your own.

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Advantages Over Bandsaw Mills

Peterson’s swingblade sawmills are far more versatile than bandsaw mills. You can cut different dimensioned lumber out of one log with ease with a swingblade mill, while still being able to use the double cut feature or a clip-on slabber (with large frame mills only) to cut wide boards.

Having been invented in the harsh jungles of Fiji, the Peterson range has been designed with portability in mind. The All Terrain Sawmill (ATS) can be set up in remote locations on uneven surfaces. Peterson mills are designed to be efficient when taking the mill from log to log, as well as when permanently set up at a fixed site. Setting up around a log normally requires about 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, a stockpile of logs can be placed on skids and rolled into the mill one by one, or two or three at a time. The mills do not require flat ground – they can be set up on a moderate slope with undulating terrain. Disassembly and loading upon a small trailer or ute can be done in 5-10 minutes.

Simplistic Design
Peterson mills were design to be easy to use – even our most advanced model, the Automated Swingblade Mill (ASM) has fewer than 10 buttons to operate the sawmill! A half-day of training and/or a video will equip you to be a great miller on the Peterson ASM.

Handling Lumber – We’ve Made It Easy
There is no need to double-handle lumber when it has been cut with a Peterson mill. Just set the mill up over a log, or load logs over/under your tracks and mill away. You won’t need to resaw lumber or turn the log. Peterson swingblade sawmills cut true, they don’t go around knots on large cuts like bandsaw mills tend to and they can handle large, abrasive logs with ease.

No Expensive Blade Maintenance
Blades are a great advantage of a circular sawmill over a bandsaw mill. Circular saw blades require far less maintenance, as the operator can sharpen them on the sawmill in under 5 minutes. Bandsaw blades running cost per 1000bf: $12NZD – Peterson circular blades running cost per 1000bf: $1NZD. As you can see, our circular blades can save you time and money.

Bandsaw Mills Have a Thinner Kerf
A consequence of the thinner kerf is the bandsaws reduced ability to track or cut a straight line. Any deviation due to a knot, for example, produces a defective board that is tapered or has an inconsistent dimension. These boards will need to be planed – costing you time and money.

Read this discussion thread about how difficult it can be for Bandsaws to cut hardwoods. Peterson millers don’t have this problem. It’s simple, Peterson’s innovative designs mean you save time and money on blade maintenance.

Peterson’s Microkerf – Revolutionising the Circular Saw Blade
Since the development of the MicroKerf blade, using 3.5mm kerf tips, – the smallest available in today’s market – Peterson’s now offer a thinner kerf, but with all the benefits of circular saw technology. The new MicroKerf blade has been proven to increase cutting speed by 20-30%, while also increasing recovery by 15-20%.Click here to learn more about our blades.

If you’re looking for a mill that is very portable, versatile, can have good production rates, and has low long-term running  costs, then you will find that a Peterson is the best portable sawmill for your needs.  Email our Sales Team for pricing and other information.

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Advantages Over Other Swingblade Sawmills

The Founders of the Swingblade Portable Sawmill
Peterson Portable Sawmills are the original designers of the world’s first portable swingblade sawmill and we continue to revolutionise the portable sawmilling industry with new inventions and upgrades to our proven range.

Double Cutting Like No Other
With a Peterson swingblade sawmill we have made Double Cutting a quick and easy task. There is no need to turn the mill around on a Peterson, simply remove two bolts and take off the sawdust deflector.Click here to learn more about how simple it is to get wide boards by Double Cutting on a Peterson sawmill.

Faster Milling
There are several reasons why Peterson swingblade mills can mill faster and get higher production than with most other swingblade mills. We use refined blade technology, make our sizing adjustments at the operator’s end of the mill, and use a repetitive sizing slide for milling the same dimensions quickly.

Unlimited Track Extensions
We have designed our tracking system to allow track extensions up to any length on some of our Peterson mills.

Peterson sawmills are up gradable to suit your personal preference. The ATS can be converted to a WPF and the DWS can fit on a WPF or ASM frame! You can also change the tracking system on the WPF from Hi/Lo to Lo/Lo, and back from Lo/Lo to Hi/Lo.

Quality Materials
We manufacture the Peterson Portable Sawmill range using quality materials such as hand polished stainless steel and aluminum that make them virtually rust free. This also means the mills are robust in performance, and most importantly – have long-term durability in even the harshest conditions.

We Just Keep Thinking…
Other swingblade portable sawmills use a heavy-duty gas strut to pivot the blade, which isn’t easy to unlock. So to reduce operator fatigue, we have designed our blade handle to work on gravity. Pivoting the blade is effortless, and it locks into place safely and easily.

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