Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Portable Sawmill Reviews from Operators and Observers

Peterson Portable Sawmills pride ourselves on listening to the feedback of our mill owners, below are the many portable sawmill reviews we’ve received over around three decades of quality manufacture and service.

Letter of Commendation
Greg Gianas was very pleased with the technical support he received from Mark Upshall our technical support person and has sent many Peterson Portable Sawmill reviews over the years, this is one of them.

I am more pleased with my WPF, now than ever!
Jimmy Edwards received training from Craig Blake when he first purchased his mill. This training gave him more confidence in Peterson Portable Sawmills!

I am very happy and satisfied
Georg Dettmer has found the engineering on the machine impressive – even by German standards!

My mill paid for my wedding
Rob Bjorklund’s milling work meant that he could now have the wedding of his dreams.

The ultimate in portable sawmills
Jonas Yoder has been impressed with the service from Peterson after the purchase of his ‘amazing machine’.

Impressive accuracy of mill
Craig Johnston appreciated being able to convey his requirements, and have his mill built to suit.

Your mill is exactly what I needed
Rich Thompson was able to build his barn and finish off his house using timber he had milled himself with his Peterson.

High praises to your staff
David Jordan was overwhelmed by the support he received from Peterson’s staff.

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Positive Portable Sawmill reviews about the Junior Peterson“I purchased a Junior model from Left Coast Supply [Supplies] back in January, guess that makes me one of their first Peterson Customers? My mill had a couple small issues that Darian took care of pronto. I now have close to 50 hours on the mill. About 20% of my needs so far have involved  double cutting.  After looking at 1-2 man manual saw mills for 5 years I am certain that a swing mill is the best for most needs and Peterson certainly makes the most versatile of the lot. I am sure glad that I waited to purchase a mill until I could afford the best and didn’t settle for less!!” – Butch Cherrington

“Bought my 8 inch Peterson ATS about 8 years ago and still love it. Got the 27 horse Kohler engine.

Went to a demo of the Lucas and was about to buy one when I saw an ad for the Peterson in Sawmill & Woodlot, called the 800 number and they sent me a DVD. The quality of the machine was very clear. The winches both at the head end of the mill and no overhead cross link to duck under as the Lucas had.

Bought the Peterson.

I have sawn a 32 x 36 barn for myself as well as assorted other lumber for the farm. Custom sawn several small barns and sheds and 6 x 8 cabin logs for a 28 x 32 addition for a friends log home. Also have the attachment for sawing taper board siding which has been handy on several occasions. Altogether a very nice basic portable mill and the people at Peterson are outstanding to work with on any problems or questions.

Highly satisfied all around. I saw a lot of white and red pine and Eastern Hemlock, all of which run to hard knots which are notorious for deflecting bandsaws into wavy cuts. The carbide toothed circular saw just goes straight thru.

As far as portability, a pickup truck with an overhead ladder rack works well or a long boat trailer does also. I usually work alone and at 71 years old, I am not as fast as I once was but I can set up and be sawing in about 2 hours I spend a lot of that time getting the bed pieces decently aligned and level as this can save a lot of grief later. Tear down and load up to move in less than an hour. Of coarse an extra pair of hands will easily cut that time to about a third.” – David Emerson

“I’ve been using my Peterson 9′ swingblade since 1998. We make a good deal of trailer planking and flooring stock. It lets me get at almost all the quartersawn lumber a tree has to offer. The blades hold up well against incidental hardware and urban logs have more than their share. Being able to face off and flatten trees too large for my circular mill is another plus. Resawing and ‘surface skinning’ rough stock are weekly requests. Breaking down large trunks into movable cants for further processing helps in situations where time and tempers won’t allow unlimited cutting. I’d buy another one.” – Charles Prymula

“My sawmill is an early model yet still allows me to turn old native logs I recover from the local river into beautiful straight timber. It’s really easy to operate by myself and very precise. Fantastic machine.” – John Henare

“In 2004 we bought a Peterson WPF to supplement our bandmill. We use it to cut any logs over 30” in diameter.

Mark is standing next to a giant Tulip Poplar log, ready to be milled.

It has increased our production so much that we now sell lumber on e-bay to customers around the world and were able to pay off our 30 year home mortgage in less than 11 years.” – Mark & Tammy Allen (one of many positive Peterson Portable Sawmill reviews received by the Allens)

“Easy to use and simple design that is durable. Cuts are extremely accurate and consistent from end to end.” – Todd Tokar

“My Peterson Production Frame Mill has served me well for over 14 years with many cubes of quality timber produced in that time . With the stainless steel and aluminium materials used in its construction it is still going strong and is likely the best investment I’ve ever made  in machinery.” – Trevor Thompson

“Thank you for all your support beginning with the purchase, the technical support, and the selling of the tracks.  You have a great product and a super staff.” – Mike Heili

“My friend has a big bandsaw mill (Woodland Pro 4000), but he can’t handle long and large diameter logs.  So my Peterson mill, with my extra rails, was just what was needed to do the job.  Things worked out great and the client is very happy.  He loves the rustic look of the circle saw cut timbers.  While we were out there working, a log truck owner came by and saw the Peterson in action.  He asked me if he could bring some logs to my property and have them milled up into large, long beams.  More work that no other mill in the area can do!” – Steve Cannon

“Contract and tree work is as competitive as it’s ever been – winning the bid depends on finding ways to reduce costs where others can’t.  With my Peterson mill I can always make profit out of the driest and knottiest wood out there.  When the tree work isn’t coming in, I’m pulling a profit from logs that most others are sending to the landfill or burning in the stove.” – Nathan Waterfield

“Peterson Portable Sawmills are the best portable sawmill available and the people that produce it are wonderful they’re there to help you every step of the way and amazingly, they listen to us, their customers, and make improvements based on our needs. I can’t say enough good about them or their product. In fact, I would not even consider owning a different sawmill. If you are EVER THINKING about owning a portable sawmill, save yourself the time and check out Peterson Portable Sawmills.” – Chad Burell – extract taken from his website.

Russell Wilkins - State Representative“I want to thank all of you for a great mill. All of you have been very easy to get along with, answering questions and concerns and anything else. Please accept my thanks for a great mill and a great staff.” – Russell Wilkins, IA USA (one of a number of positive Peterson Portable Sawmill reviews from Russ)

“The best do it yourself sawmill.” – K Jensen, NZ

“We enjoy working with the Peterson mill! The one I am using was bought in 2005 and to date (2014), nothing has gone wrong. Now with good experience, me and my little brother can set the machine with the log and mill it at once. It is very exciting working with this machine.” – Nicky Tobata, Solomon Islands

“I wanted to tell you how much we like the mill and it’s so simple to run, I enjoyed talking to both of you, but the mills sold itself.” – J. Bartlett, USA

“I love my mill.” – P Noordanus, AUS

“I think the mill is great and brilliant.” – D Haenke, USA

“The mill is outstanding in every way and I am very pleased with it.” – J Wahl, USA

“I just wanted to let you know what a good job Russell is doing representing Peterson. I e-mailed him with some questions about Peterson mills on Sunday and this Monday evening he called me to answer my questions. We talked for about an hour, and had all my questions throughly answered. I did not expect to recieve this kind of personal service, so needless to say I was very pleased. This is the kind of help that keeps customers happy and coming back for more business. Thanks.” Todd Tokar, USA

“Thank you for firstly listening to our requirements, then spec-ing the mill to meet our needs, this is not something that happens in the market place often in this day and age.” – T&C Johnston, NZ

“We are really pleased with our amazing machine! I think it is the ultimate in portable sawmills.” – J Yodar, USA

“I really like the fact that the Peterson can handle big logs and I can leave it outside and it won’t rust.” – R Thompson – USA

“I have got your saw singing like Pavarotti and cutting in such away even Excalibur could not match.” – D Comyn, South Africa

“No surprise to you but very impressive for us was the accuracy of the mill. It would have to be the most accurate sized boxing timber we have ever used, it’s great, makes the job so much easier.” – T&C Johnston, NZ

“The Peterson mill is exactly what I needed. Boards come off the mill accurate and dead straight and I’m not wasting time sharpening blades.” – R Thompson, USA

“I will work for NASA the usual two days this week, and the space telescope work is great, but it actually pales a

bit when compared to the satisfaction one gets from producing such beautiful and useful material with the Peterson Mill.” – J Sincell, USA

“Your staff goes above and beyond anything I expected. My sincerest compliments and praises to your staff.” – D Jordon, NZ

“I bought a Peterson because it is a good quality product, the set up time is virtually nothing, and the service has been exceptional.” – B McIntosh, NZ

“The swing blade sawmill is genius. I wish I had thought of it. I recommend swing blade sawmills to anyone who doesn’t have all the heavy equipment. Price might be the one you consider the most. But I say “Buy the best, you only cry once!” – M Schaas, USA

“The Peterson mill has really been the greatest. I have to tell you I am damn impressed with that sawmill.” – R Bjorklund, USA

“The savings on the barn alone paid for my mill. Your mill is exactly what I needed. I really like the exact cuts that it makes and I’m not wasting a lot of time sharpening blades.” – R Thompson, USA

“A friend of mine who is a woodworker and has helped tail on a bandsaw mill, and just couldn’t believe how even my boards were in thickness and how smooth.” – R Wilkins, USA

“The sawmill has been working flawlessly and it was exciting to see that 40 foot beam getting lifted off the mill.” – J Sincell, USA

“I am very pleased, highly delighted with the mill.” – D Houghton, AUS

“I am very happy with my Peterson mill. The build quality of the mill is of the highest order.” – QWE

“What I like best is its quality of cut. It’s great!!!! The workmanship was top of the line, very, very pleased.” – R Wilkins, USA

“The mill has bought everything I own. I bought my Peterson first, then it paid for the loader, digger, house and land. It can do anything you want!” – K Williams, NZ

“The MicroKerf cuts through abrasive and hard to cut wood beautifully.” – Stan Ceglinski, AUS

“Quite simply the best ever do-it-yourself sawmill on the market today.” – I Anderson, UK

“If you ever have a concern, [Peterson’s] are only a phone call away and they’ll do everything they can to help you.” – S Henderson, AUS

“Congratulations on developing a super little sawmill. It is a pleasure to use.” – J Tombleson, NZ

“You are going to get your lips stuck on that sawmill!” said my wife. I think she is getting jealous of my liking the mill and complimenting it. I need to give her more praise, she is sweet.” – Robert Revnell, USA

“I really couldn’t believe how easy it was and how smoothly everything went. We produced 2 dozen 12’ 1×6’s in almost no time at all. And they were perfect! I would like to take the credit for how well they came out, but I think that the credit goes to the mill.” – Jerome Lauzon, USA

“Running my ATS is safer than driving a car.” – Robert Revnell, USA

“I received my package this morning and it looks like an excellent presentation and also looks like you have covered everything brilliantly.” – Bob Harness, Fiji

“Your machinery is truly top of the line.” – Manuel Urdangarin, Uruguay

“I always look forward to seeing the Peterson folks. Y’all all do “Down Home” and I like to be around you.” – Tom Doepker, USA

“No problems with the shipping and great communications. You have a real good training manual and video and excellent customer service.” – Forestry Forum Don, USA

“Awesome seeing it being cut right before your eyes.” – Brian McGowan, NZ

Thanks for the advice you gave him. The mill is working good, he’s a happy chappy.” – James Carvalho, Hawaii

“I own a tree farm and have been in the metal fabrication for 35 plus years. So was VERY pleased with the welds and workmanship. Aluminum and Stainless steel are not the easiest metals to work with.” – Russell Wilkins, IA USA

“Several of his friends own Lucas Mills, and since he had a chance to see them both and compare, he was sold on the Peterson sawmill.” – Ken Hodges, USA

“It was amazing how quick the mill was assembled and how quickly we were sawing. The two of us were able to

unload and have the mill ready to saw in around 20 – 25 min. Not too shabby for our first set-up. – Jerome Lauzon, USA

“I’m sure you will enjoy your Peterson as much as I do mine. The word is starting to spread that I have a mill, and everybody was right . . . logs are finding me.” Jerome Lauzon, USA

“You folks bring a lot of joy to the world, not to mention some of the best machinery, lumber, exercise and peace of mind available anywhere.” – Jeff Sincell, USA

“The ATS is very light and versatile to go on any slope.” – Wale Tobata, Solomon Islands

“I could very easily cut over 1000bdft of hardwood lumber in a days time when I had just one helper. If I had the luxury of having one person to feed me logs, and a couple more people to offbear the lumber, there is no telling how much production I could have achieved.” – Ken Hodges, FL USA

“I wanted a mill that I could use by myself, that was low in maintenance, was accurate, durable, and that I didn’t have to have 2 or 3 people with me to run it. So I bought a Peterson.” – R Wilkins, USA

“The ATS far exceeds my expectations on performance lumber recovery and ease of operation; I can’t understand why anyone would buy a band mill.” – D Jordon, NZ

“I’ve worked on high-tech aerospace hardware for nearly 30 years and this mill is built as well as anything I’ve ever seen launched into space. The craftsmanship is exquisite, and I’m simply astounded that such a machine can be purchased for such a reasonable price.” – J Sincell, USA
“As long as the blade is spinning it makes me money.” – K Williams, NZ

“I am very happy with the mill. The build quality of the mill is of the highest order; I’d originally looked at the Lucas but really wanted the Peterson due to the aluminium/stainless content, Honda engine, and it’s the original and clearly from the most innovative company.” – Eric Stavrand, ME USA

“My company has a Lucas mill, but we will probably need to add a second mill within the year and the Peterson, especially the ASM, is high on my list. I was very impressed with the engineering and ease of use that I saw at Sawlex.” – Tom Kimmerer, KY USA

“If I had to do it again, the only thing I’d do different would be to have bought it sooner!” – Tom Doepker, IN USA

“I just wish that I had the Peterson mill when I started building my house so I could have cut all my own timber instead of buying it from the hardware store.” – R Thompson, USA

“Great I love it! I cut everything I see. It’s an addiction.” – Glen Marquette, WI USA

“My family and I have been having so much fun using our new mill and I can’t seem to stop talking about it. Thanks for such a great mill.” – Scot Postle OH USA

“The folks at Peterson are great. My four year old daughter picked up the phone when it rang one night and had quite a lengthly conversation with them before the wife decided to take control of the phone. They did a good job of staying in contact with me during my two year debate on whether to buy a mill or not. I eventually bought an ATS and love it.” – Troy Lancaster, VA USA

“I didn’t have any problems with shipping or communications whatsoever. The mill fired right up. They even called a couple of days after I started sawing just to see how things were going. I’m not sure how much more support a person could ask for.” – Tom Doepker, IN USA

“I’m really amazed at how little waste there is with the Peterson. I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can get back to milling.” – Ken Hodges, FL USA

“My WPF was worth every penny. I bought an 8” with a 27hp Kohler and couldn’t be happier. I still can’t believe the amount of lumber that I have gotten out of it in a very short amount of time.” – Jerome Lauzon, NY USA

“I have tried pretty hard to wreck a blade. Burned blue spots in it from scrubbing against the tension logs. The blade still cuts dead on.” – Harold Matthews, FL USA

“Peterson is absolutely the best to deal with, even half a world away.” – Jim Bourne, MD USA

“Peterson’s customer service department has been outstanding – it should be re-named ‘customer CARE’ as that is the feeling I get when I speak with them.” – Jeff Moskonas, WI USA

“Even after I had owned my mill for a year they were still calling me just to chat and see how it was doing. Petersons are GREAT people to deal with from before the sale to way afterwards!” – Ken Hodges, FL USA

“For background, my principle interests are cutting very long and large beams for timber frame type applications and quartersawing. These goals narrowed my selection down to a swing blade as opposed to a band mill.
First – Peterson basically invented the swingmill concept that both they and Lucas use.
Second – You can double-cut with a Peterson mill without having to pick up and turn the carriage. You can’t do this with a Lucas. I often work alone and this was an important feature for me.
Third – Their customers consistently rave about them.
Fourth – You can cut a bigger cant with the Peterson than you can with the Lucas. Considering my goals, this was also important.” – Scott Smith, NC USA

“I spent many hours watching them both (Peterson and Lucas) and researching on the net before I decided. I chose the Peterson over the Lucas because of the ability to more easily double-cut and the fact that both vertical winches are on one end of the mill just made more sense.” – Tracy Brittson, OR USA

“I haven’t had mine long, but even so I feel like an expert at it because it is so well built and so easy to use.” – Ken Hodges, FL USA

“I have gone through this same fun adventure of narrowing down the type of mill. Through it all I think Peterson

was always one step ahead of Lucas in several things. The biggest one though is that there isn’t the extra bit of walking from end to end as there is on the Lucas and they are also continually working to improve the machines they have and think of new ways to help those with their machines.” – Non Peterson Mill owner observation. Forestry Forum, February 15, 2006

“You folks bring a lot of joy to the world, not to mention some of the best machiner, lumber, exercise and peace of mind available anywhere.” – Jeff Sincell, WV USA

“The mill is wonderful and I’m very happy with my purchase.” – Jim Hollenbeck, WA USA

“You guys are always thinking!” – John Beathard, OH USA

“It is a GREAT mill and very well engineered from a GREAT company.” – Ken Hodges, FL USA

“I use the double cutting much more than I ever expected to. I sure am glad I picked Peterson every time I double cut.” Scot Postle, USA

“We are really pleased with our amazing machine! I think it is the ultimate in portable sawmills. I have sawn approximate 12,000 board feet of high quality lumber with it in under a year. I bought it because I had property with quite a bit of timber on it and I needed a quick and inexpensive way to make it into lumber for my buildings.” – Jonas Yoder