Peterson Portable Sawmills

High praises to your staff

Dear Mr Peterson

I purchased and received an ATS 13hp sawmill from your company in late January. I run my mill between 2 – 4 hours a day.

One Saturday I noticed a gearbox oil leak and I contacted your sales representative. Rex put me in touch with Kurt on Monday.

Kurt suggested a few things to check, and I followed his instruction. I found the problem and contacted Kurt again on the Tuesday.

Kurt sent me a new gearbox and bearing that day.

My point to this letter is that I do not expect a manufacturing company to put out a perfect product, but I do expect them to stand behind their product.
Your staff (i.e.Kurt, Marama and Rex) go above and beyond anything I expected. My sincerest compliments and praises to your staff, these three in particular.

It has been a pleasure working with your staff.

The ATS far exceeds my expectation on performance lumber recovery and ease of operation; I can’t understand why anyone would buy a band mill.

Thank you Peterson staff.

David, Carey and James Jordan.