Peterson Portable Sawmills

Impressive Accuracy of Mill

Dear Kerris & Carl

Well, finally had a chance to try the mill out on an old man pine on our place.

The pine had been down for ten years in the gully and it had a good two foot six inch heart. We desperately needed boxing timber, so we carted the mill into it and set up low around it.

“Overall we are rapt with it to date.”

Cut the rot off to start into the good wood then as we went down we blew the rot off the sides with the chainsaw and cut perfect 8×2, 8×1, 6×1, 6×2 and some 4×1 and 4×2 so we could get the best recovery out of the log.

As long as we were cutting mainly 8” vertical and 2” horizontal the mill cut quite quickly, the 8” horizontal does make the smaller 13hp motor work a bit, but that is to be expected, overall it performs to our expectation and we are rapt with it to date.

“Very impressive to us was the accuracy of the mill.”

No surprise to you but very impressive for us was the accuracy of the mill. I can add, after preparing a reasonable amount of foundations over the years and using large amounts of boxing (from commercial mills), it would have to be the most accurate sized boozing timber we have ever used, it’s great, makes the job so much easier.

“Thankyou for listening to our requirements.”

Thank you Kerris and Carl for firstly listening to our requirements, then spec-ing the mill to meet our needs, this is not something that happens in the market place often in this day and age.

Hope this email finds you well and having a great start to the new year.

Kind regards,
Tina and Craig Johnston, New Zealand