Peterson Portable Sawmills

Letter of Commendation

Greg Gianas was very pleased with the technical support he received from Mark Upshall our technical support person.

To Kerris
Peterson Sawmills
16th Sept 2008

This is a commendation letter concerning your tech support person, Mark.

You know, and you have written, that I don’t pull punches, that I tell it like I see it, not being hesitant to chastise or criticize or congratulate and reward. So, what follows will remain straightforward.

Helping people thousands of miles away, over the phone, regarding a what’s needed to keep a portable sawmill running efficiently and accurately is not an easy job. Such a person, ideally, needs to be (1) patient and caring, (2) smart and experienced/informed, (3) and able to communicate complex issues in an understandable way, quickly but without sounding rushed. Many smart people are not at all patient, and many experienced/informed people don’t have language skills that enable them to take the frustration out of the person in need of help and make the caller feel he or she is in good hands.

I don’t know if it’s who does the hiring at Peterson, or if it’s just the kind of people who live in New Zealand, but in my 60-plus years, I have not received over-the-phone tech support of the caliber I have from Peterson Sawmill. If I owned your company, or my life depended on your product/service, I could not make any suggestions for improvement in Mark’s demeanor or skills, (and I can be an intolerant bastard, as you know). It was with trepidation that I talked to someone other than Kurt. Mark is a fine catch for Peterson. His qualities, frankly, blew me away. What a fine representative of a company that claims to care about customer service. How lucky we both are that Mark is at Peterson’s.

He was more than generous with his time, and I just wanted to write to show my appreciation for his unusual ability to empathize with this brain-damaged veteran and explain “complex” stuff to a guy who thinks screw drivers have too many moving parts; and I’m not joking about that phrase. When Mark didn’t know something, for sure, he told me and said he would make sure what he said was correct. Humility with brains is also not a common combination.

Rarely, have I encountered what I consider to be a flawless character/employee. Mark is one of them. The guy set me at ease, and after six heart attacks and 19 heart surgeries, I need to be “at ease.” Machines have always frustrated me. Mark evaporated my frustration. That’s worth a lot to me.

Congratulations on having someone like Mark. He makes your mill more usable for me.

Greg Gianas