Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Sawmill Feature – Durable Circular Blades

Standard Feature – Durable Circular Blades

Peterson circular blades last for 2-6 years with normal use and maintenance. However, some Peterson sawmill owners have been using the same blades for over 10 years! With our blades, maintenance is minimal as our circular blades can be sharpened right on the mill in less than five minutes.

If you want to get the most out of your logs, you may be interested in our MicroKerf blade, giving up to 20% more recovery. If you have blade questions that aren’t answered below, please email us.

Watch how easy it is to sharpen our circular blades

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Standard Blades

Different sized circular blades for Peterson Portable Sawmill.

Quality materials
Peterson circular saw mill blades are made from high-grade steel, and solid tungsten carbide tips are used as standard. These can be easily sharpened by the operator (taking around 5 minutes), and replaced by a sawdoctor when worn.

Less maintenance required
New blade technology and the use of tough tungsten carbide tips means that circular blades require far less maintenance than other blades. Refer to our article “Swingmill Blade Maintenance and Running Costs” for details.

Thinner or wider kerf blades available on 8” and 10” circular blades
8” blades have a standard kerf of 5.25mm (~3/16”) and can be supplied in either thin kerf form (5mm) ideal for hardwoods or wider kerf (5.5mm) ideal for softwoods. 10” blades are supplied standard with a kerf of 5.8mm (

Use your sawdoctor
For most millers, it is a simple exercise to take their Peterson blade to a local sawdoctor who can carry out circular blade repairs quite cheaply and effectively. However, if access to a sawdoctor is limited, but you do have access to a gas welding set, you can purchase retipping jigs from us to retip your own blades.

MicroKerf Blade

The 6″ MicroKerf Blade Kit contains two blades plate mounted with 3.5mm kerf tips. The blade utilises a secondary reinforcing boss for support of the body. It mounts straight onto your existing Peterson 8 or 10″ blade boss and is excellent for 1″ boards, hardwoods, and to increase recovery and production.

Selection of blades for Peterson Portable Sawmills.Proven MicroKerf Blade results include:
* 15-20% increase in recovery
* Less strain on the motor, allowing longer life
* Reduced operator fatigue
* Less fuel costs per cube
* Less blade maintenance
* Less sawdust to remove

Kits fit all new and recent 8″ and 10″ Peterson mills only.

Planer Blade

Planer blade for Peterson portable sawmill.The Planer Blade puts the finishing touches to your dimensional timber. Just mount this blade in place of your standard mill blade and skim over your sawn slab or timber, for planed results.