Peterson Portable Sawmills

EZ Dogs are here!

Want more BITE for your buck?

We’ve got the new top dog in town!

The latest creation from Peterson Portable Sawmills are the new and improved EZ dogs. A huge step up from the original log dogs, EZ dogs are compact, simple, and aluminium.

  • Stop worrying about blade damage – dogs are entirely aluminium
  • Completely versatile – small logs, big logs, even two logs at a time!
  • Infinately adjustable – place them anywhere on your bearers
  • Totally positive grip – holds logs completely still
  • Easy to use – no drilling holes, installing bolts or winding chains
  • Won’t damage bearers – still get top dollar at the end of the day
  • Spikes are easily replaced at low cost – just slide a new one on!
  • Light and compact, fitting easily into your toolbox
Easily handle two logs at once Or one large log

Like to order them now? Email us to confirm your order today. EZ Dogs come in pairs (2) or sets (2 x pairs).

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  1. We are ordering some of your Aluminum Dogs.

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