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Peterson Sawmills Sign First United States Distributor Since 1998

Karen Shaw

1st March 2017 – Peterson Sawmills

Peterson Sawmills USA Agent, Left Coast SuppliesNew Zealand manufacturers, Peterson Portable Sawmills, today officially announced their partnership with Left Coast Supplies LLC, who will be the first distributor of the commercial quality, portable sawmilling machines in the United States since 1998.

Left Coast Supplies (LCS) specializes in supplying the timber industry with superior reliable cutting tools:  saw chains, guide bars, hand tools, safety apparel and circular swingblade sawmills.  Previously the US distributor for Lucas Mills, they are familiar with the high production capacity and reduced maintenance needs of swingblade mills.

Peterson Portable Sawmills are the original designer of the commercial swingblade sawmill for portable applications and have been refining their design for 30 years. Their products include full milling packages for a range of uses from part-time milling to productive commercial operations.

When Left Coast Supplies was formed by partners John Stroecker, Casey Comer, Darian Elizondo and Gregg Grande, they already had 75 years of sawmilling and sales experience between them. Now LCS are pleased to be instrumental in bringing Peterson’s swingblade technology to North America, and they consider the versatility of the Peterson design is a key feature.

“As well as the four swingblade models, Peterson Sawmills also offer a Dedicated Wide Slabber unit, which is generating a lot of interest in the US right now. Plus, the double-cutting ability of the Peterson mills makes it so versatile; even the smallest unit can produce 12-inch boards.“

Peterson Sawmills Assembled & Tested in the USAAt Peterson’s New Zealand factory, the next container load is being prepared for shipping to the LCS warehouse based in Willits, California. Each of the custom order mills will be assembled and tested at the LCS warehouse before the new swingmill owner takes control.  Peterson CEO Kerris Browne is delighted with the partnership.

“While we already have a network of satisfied Peterson sawmill owners in the States, we are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Left Coast Supplies to ensure parts and service are increasingly available for our existing and future Peterson owners. “

“The Left Coast Supplies team have impressed us with their knowledge and confidence in swingblade mills, as well as their enthusiasm to understand and promote the double-cutting capability of the Peterson mills.”

In 2016, Left Coast Supplies used the Owners’ Assistance Network to organise Peterson Sawmills to be demonstrated at more shows in the US than ever before, including the Mother Earth News Fair circuit. This year they will be attending the region logging conferences.  Left Coast Supplies will have Peterson’s Automated Swingblade Mill on display and operating at the Redwood Region Logging Conference in Eureka, California, from 16-18 March 2017.



For more information on Peterson Portable Sawmills call +64 7 348 0863, email or visit the company website

For information about Left Coast Supplies call +1 (toll-free) 888-995-7307 or +1 707 602-0141, email or visit the company website


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5 comments shared

  1. LCS should have a look at what else could be sold with a mill like this .

    • Karen Shaw says:

      Left Coast Supplies stock a range of forestry and arborist gear. Please send an email to with your suggestions 🙂

    • William MALAS says:

      Hi Walter,
      My name is William MALAS and from Vanuatu (south pacific) I am interested on your news especially on what LCS is doing.
      I just want to suggest to you about our hardwood timber in our country I think LCS can imported from us and sell it to your country at very good price it’s a very strong hardwood timber.

      Just a suggestion. think about it.

      Thanks and regards good to see and hear what you are doing.

      MALAS William

  2. Butch Cherrington says:

    I purchased a Junior model from Left Coast Supply back in January, guess that makes me one of their first Peterson Customers? My mill had a couple small issues that Darian took care of pronto. I now have close to 50 hours on the mill. About 20% of my needs so far have involved double cutting. After looking at 1-2 man manual saw mills for 5 years I am certain that a swing mill is the best for most needs and Peterson certainly makes the most versatile of the lot. I am sure glad that I waited to purchase a mill until I could afford the best and didn’t settle for less!!

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