Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Portable Sawmills For Sale

Peterson Portable Sawmills have a wide range of portable sawmills for sale to suit any application. Click on the links below to learn more about our mills, accessories and merchandise.

JP – Junior Peterson

Junior Peterson Portable Sawmill The Junior Peterson was designed with the part-time sawmiller in mind and is ideal for those wanting to cut their own trees or mill lumber for home projects such as fences, sheds and even houses! Utilising the WPF’s ‘Lo/Lo’ track and frame design, the JP is a scaled down version in mild steel. Even though the price is low, it is still a sturdy, accurate, productive and versatile Peterson machine.


ATS – All Terrain Sawmill

The All Terrain Sawmill has been designed as the ideal entry-level mill to portable sawmilling. This portable sawmill double cuts with ease and has a dual winch system, which means less walking and more milling. Made of alloy and stainless steel, the ATS is lightweight, highly portable, robust and rust resistant.


WPF – Winch Production Frame

Designed for fast production of high quality, accurate timber, the WPF provides the ultimate in versatility. In addition to being highly portable, logs can be set-up from either side and milled from either end for stationary operations. There are a number of advantages to this model, including excellent accuracy due to the one-point lowering system, optional Hi/Lo tracks, unlimited track extensions and easy log access.


ASM – Automated Swingblade Mill

The Peterson ASM has revolutionised the portable sawmilling market, delivering increased and consistent production with little effort. This mill can make horizontal and vertical cuts, change the size or depth of the cut, and offers the option of removing the previous board cut, all at the touch of a button. The operator can control the mill without moving an inch.


DWS – Dedicated Wide Slabber

Cutting up to 30 slabs per hour, our DWS is a purpose-built slabbing unit complete with its own motor, bar and chain, fitted within our large 1.8m bed. Designed with a faster chain speed than other slabbers, the manufacturers chain speed specifications are met, ensuring you can cut hour after hour and retain an accurate and quality finish.



Peterson Blades

Peterson blades usually last for 2-6 years, with normal use and regular maintenance. However some owners have been using the same blades for over 10 years. New blade technology and the use of tough tungsten carbide tips means that circular blades require far less maintenance than other blades.



Peterson Sawmill Accessories

A range of accessories are available for purchase with your mill. These accessories will help you become more portable, efficient and productive. Some of the accessories available are EZ dogs, Clip On Slabbers, blade/motor upgrades, and Remote Area Service Kits.




Increase your level of safety and protection and get the best out of your milling experience with Peterson branded merchandise including, chainsaw chaps, mill covers, safety tape, glasses, head gear and branded clothing.