All Terrain Sawmill (ATS)

A mill for tough conditions
The All Terrain Sawmill has been designed with remote locations and rough terrain in mind. It meets our clients’ demands for an affordable mill that can handle the tough conditions of farm, beach, snow or jungle.

The ATS uses a raised track system, allowing it to be assembled on nearly any terrain type – tracks are raised and lowered with winches at the operator’s end for more efficient portable sawmilling. An ATS makes milling valuable wood in hard-to-reach areas easy, and profitable.



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ATS Feature - Side by Side Sizing

FEATURE: Raise and lower from operator

ATS Feature - Parallel to Grain Cutting

FEATURE: Adjust to log taper easily

Standard Feature – Durable Circular Blades

FEATURE: Durable, low maintenance blades

Standard Feature – Double Cutting Wide Boards

FEATURE: Cut wide boards with ease

Standard Feature – Positive Lock for Left-Right Sizing

FEATURE: Positive Lock for Left-Right Sizing

ARTICLE - Milling in Sth American Forest

ARTICLE: Milling in Sth American Forest

OWNER STORY: Scot Postle

OWNER STORY: Scot Postle

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Mill Specifications

Blade 8″ 10″
Motor Petrol Motors: 25/27hp/30hp/38hp† Kohler, 31hp/35hp† Vanguard Briggs & Stratton
Diesel Motors: 23hp Lombardini*
Maximum Cut 8″ x 8″
(203.2 x 203.2mm)
10″ x 10″
(260 x 260mm)
Double Cut 8″ x 16″
(203.2 x 406.4mm)
10″ x 20″
(254 x 520mm)
Max. Log Diameter 6′ (1.8m)
Max. log length on std tracks 20′ (6m)
Average Production** 850 – 2500bft+ per day
2 – 6+ cubic meters per day
Vertical Sizing 2-point sizing at the operator’s end
Set-up 10 – 20mins – weight: 260kgs
Materials Aluminium and steel
Optional – More Powerful Motors

OPTION: More Powerful Motors

Standard Feature – Cyclonic Air Filters

STANDARD: Cyclonic Air Filters

Standard Feature – Faster Blade Sharpening

STANDARD: Faster blade sharpening

Standard Feature – 3-year Frame Warranty

STANDARD: 3-year Frame Warranty

Standard Feature – Elevated Sawmill Engine

STANDARD: Elevated Sawmill Engine

* Check for availability in your country
* * Production numbers may vary due to species and size of cut
† Only available on 10″ models


Weight Breakdown

Main Carriage 150kg 331lb
4 x Uprights @ approx. 15kg 60kg 132lb
2 x Center Supports @ approx. 10kg 20kg 44lb
2 x Tracks @ 51kg each 102kg 225lb
2 x Skids @ 15kg each 30kg 66lb
2 x Cross Members @ 15kg each 30kg 66lb
Total 392kg 864lb

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Accessories Available for the ATS

Tapered Boards Attachment Clip On Slabber
Dedicated Slabber 2 Meter Track Extensions


Easy Set-up

The ATS can be set up in around 15 – 30 minutes by yourself, and around 10 – 20 minutes with two people. The mill is packed down in under 10 minutes.

1. Set up the skids at the ends of the log.
2. Install the uprights and peg the diagonals into the ground.
3. Clip in the tracks and ensure they are parallel by looking down them at eye level.
4. Clip in the telescopic winding shaft.
5. Wheel the carriage to the tracks and install, then raise the tracks.
6. Remove the jockey wheels. The sawing process can now begin.


ATS Owner Testimonials

“I use the double cutting much more than I ever expected to. I sure am glad I picked Peterson every time I double cut.” – S Postle, USA

“The ATS far exceeds my expectations on performance lumber recovery and ease of operation; I can’t understand why anyone would buy a band mill.” – D Jordon, NZ

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