Peterson’s All Terrain Sawmill – The best of both worlds

The new ATS All Terrain Sawmill from Peterson Portable Sawing Systems Ltd has been designed to make milling high volumes of wood easy, without the large price tag attached to most commercial mills, according to production manager, Chris Browne.

The ATS features all the benefits of its predecessor, the Log Locust – alloy/ stainless steel frame so the mill is light and highly portable using ute or roof racks, ease of set up (in 5-10mins on all terrain) and it won’t rust.


All Terrain Sawmill in action


Yet, the ATS incorporates the basics of a commercial mill design, which makes operating the sawmill easier. It provides high production of 2 to 4 cubic metres (800-1600 bft) per day and can be upgraded down the track to increase production and cut size. Peterson came up with the idea for the mill after conducting extensive customer research.

The ATS is powered by a Honda motor with a 6” blade that can cut up to 6”x12” or 8”x16” and saw logs to 4.2 metres (12.6′) in length.

The mill uses a raised track system so it can be set up on most terrain. Combined with it’s extreme portability, this grants ease of use to operators whos milling projects are set within remote environments. Rather then taking the milling project to the mill, you can now take your mill to the milling project.

Both track sizings are at the operator end, so the operator does not have to walk the length of the mill to change the size of cut. If more power or a larger cut is required, the mill is easily upgradeable to a 20/24hp motor and an 8” blade.

Read more about the All Terrain Sawmill (ATS) by clicking here!

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