Peterson’s Rugged Terrain Mill – A cut above the rest

The ATS; Peterson’s idea of a rugged terrain mill, capable of high-volume milling in the most trying terrain. This mill has been entered in the Tru Test Equipment Awards at the Mystery Creek Fieldays.

Rotorua’s Peterson Portable Sawing Systems hopes to continue its winning streak at this year’s Mystery Creek Fieldays, with a new portable All-Terrain Sawmill (ATS).

The company, which has been a regular feature at the annual event, is putting its new lightweight ATS mill to the test as an entrant in the Tru Test Equipment Awards at the agricultural show in June.

Designed to make high-volume wooding easy, the ATS was an ideal option for farmers who didn’t want to have huge trucks on their property, or those who only had a few trees that required felling,” Peterson’s marketing executive Rosie Coward said.

“One man reclaimed native wood on his property and built a beautiful home but some farmers may just want to cut trees down in his paddock,” she said.


Rugged Terrain Mill in action


Powered by a Honda motor with a six inch blade which can cut logs up to 4.2m (12.6′) long, the mill uses a raised track system allowing it to be assembled on most terrain types, enabling it to be the perfect rugged terrain mill. If more power or a larger cut is required the mill is easily upgraded to a 20/24 horsepower motor with a 10 inch blade.

Easy to operate, the mill is light and portable, making it cost effective and sole operational for farmers, Ms Coward said.

“Trees blown down in a storm won’t go to waste or a farmer wanting to build his own shed can easy do so single-handed with an ATS.”

With all the benefits of its predecessors, the Log Locust and Winch Mill, the ATS features an alloy/stainless steel rustproof frame which only takes a few minutes to erect.

“It’s designed to sit in the middle of the two really.”

And the blade was capable of being flipped which enabled the mill to cut both vertically and horizontally.

“It’s a cut above the rest,” she said.

Read more about the Peterson’s All Terrain Sawmill (ATS) by clicking here!

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