Revolutionary Automated Sawmill – Peterson’s ASM

Peterson Portable Sawmills will be shouting from the tent tops at this year’s Fieldays.

“We have researched, designed and built a revolutionary automated sawmill and we are ready to shout about it,” says company spokeswoman Rosie Coward.The new ASM mill is set to revolutionize the portable sawmilling market, because it delivers even more production with less effort, she says.

An operator can make horizontal and vertical cuts, change the size or depth of the cut, and remove the previous board cut all from the control panel.“It has taken years of planning, research and plenty of testing. We first came up with the idea when customers in New Zealand and the United States asked if we had an automated mill.


Revolutionary Automated Sawmill


“So, we did some market research in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which showed that there was a gap in the market for a completely-automated, swing-blade portable sawmill – one that would be highly portable, productive and wouldn’t break the budget.”

Company principal Carl Peterson says: “We knew our existing manual mills were capable of cutting high volumes of timber, up to 1402 board feet per hour, but because of operator fatigue, this figure was not consistent; so it made sense to automate our existing mills.

“We kept all the benefits people like about our manual mills; portable, durable, low maintenance, versatile cuts etc and we automated it. The ASM mill will cut consistently high production hour after hour.”

The first mill the company designed won the prototype award at the Fieldays last year.“Excited, we returned to the factory to conduct more testing on safety, ease of use, productivity, versatility, portability – 12 months later and with a slightly new look we are ready to launch.”

The ASM is basically a portable automated Peterson Winch Production Frame Mill. The automated part is handled by a six-button control panel. Press two buttons to change the width of the cut and press two others to change the depth of the cut.The other two buttons reset the mill after each cut.

The drive speed is controlled by a lever moved forward to make the first cut through the log and pulled back for the return cut.Each mill is fitted with a board removal device, which removes the previous board cut as it is cutting the next. This is the first of its kind that can remove timber cut in either direction, so you can wait for it to come to you (or your tailer) for stacking.

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