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A beautiful cut

Bryce is happiest working in sawdust – and this new Winch Production Frame gives extra dimension to his furniture artistry.

The Peterson Winch Production Frame

Bryce McIntosh in action at a recent field day in New Zealand.

For New Zealand-based Bryce McIntosh, if there is sawdust involved, he will be in there somewhere too. Whether it is tree felling, sawing timber or making furniture, Bryce has been doing it for almost 30 years.

A carpenter/joiner by trade, Bryce was forced out of the bush after 22 years because of a back injury, and needed to look for an alternative that would still allow him to work with wood.

He began by making outdoor furniture and for the past six years has been building up his company Lazy Creek Furniture, working on dining sets, tables, chairs, picnic tables, or whatever may inspire him on the day.
Along with chainsaws and chisels, Bryce’s other tool of the trade that he couldn’t do without is his Peterson Portable Sawmill. With the extra power of a 27hp Kohler and versatility of a 10” cut blade, he says his Winch Production Frame is “just marvelous – I absolutely love it and it’s everything I wanted.”

Using only Macrocarpa for his furniture, Bryce finds the Peterson cuts the wood beautifully while also being extremely efficient and so simple to use. So far he hasn’t had any problems and neither does he anticipate any, because of the high quality motor and craftsmanship of the mill.

Dot McIntosh takes orders while enjoying one of her husband's outdoor settings.

To enable Bryce to get serious with his newly formed furniture making business, he needed to find a suitable sawmill that was easy to operate, reliable, accurate and productive. Having kept an eye on the portable sawmill market for 15 years, the Peterson mill has always stood out. Bryce has been impressed with the constant improvements and innovations that Peterson’s make each year, which he hasn’t seen in other similar products on the market.
Being true to its title the Peterson mill is also truly portable which has added an extra dimension to Bryce’s business opportunities, as he is now able to offer on-site portable milling.

So why did he choose a Peterson sawmill in the end? “Because it is a good quality product, the set up time is virtually nothing, and the service has been exceptional”.

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