Peterson’s releases the new remodelled ASM – ARCHIVED

releaseasmThe new remodelled Automated Swingblade Mill from Peterson Portable Sawmills is set to revolutionize the portable sawmilling market. After an initial release in 2003 the ASM has been remodelled for a simpler, lighter, stronger and more affordable mill.

“I wanted to redesign the mill because I felt it was too heavy and didn’t fit into the Peterson mentality, where the machine is defined by its portability,” says c hief designer Jake Peterson. Still believing in the need for an automatic swingblade portable sawmill, Peterson’s are the only manufacturer in the world to offer such a mill.

The new remodelled ASM is perfectly suited for those that like the swingblade technology, but who are tired of walking up and down on their manual mills all day. The automatic mill can make horizontal and vertical cuts, change the size or depth of the cut, and remove the previous board cut, all at the touch of a button. The operator can control the mill without moving an inch!

But most of all, it’s for those who just need more production. The ASM cuts consistently at high production rates, all day long, since operator fatigue is no longer a problem.

The setworks are simple and do not take a mathematician to operate. Two buttons change the width of cut, and two buttons change the depth. The drive speed is controlled with a lever, moving forward to go, and pulling to bring back. It’s that easy, to get incredibly accurate boards at a fast rate.

“We have always thought it was an awesome machine and had the versatility advantage over every other mill, but it needed to be as portable and as quick to set up as the manual machines. It needed to be simple to maintain just as our manual machines have always been,” Jake explains.

Weight is the biggest improvement, with the new mill over 120kg lighter than the previous design. The number of parts has been reduced and the wiring has been simplified so you can actually see how the mill works.

“I wanted the mill to be easier to maintain,” adds Jake.

Improved engineering in the manufacturing of the mills and the simpler design has reduced the weight to be only 70kg heavier than Peterson’s manual machines. Set up and break down times are reduced, and it now fits even easier into the back of your ute or trailer.

But the best result for the customer is the reduction in price for the automatic mill. Peterson’s have been able to considerably reduce the price to give millers even more value, for less cost! Lighter, simpler, stronger, AND affordable – the new standard has been set in automatic mills.

Check out the list of new featureson the ASM to see exactly what’s changed, or for further information, contact Trevor Cook on FREECALL 1-800-150-529, or email sales@petersonsawmills.com.

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