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Rosie Coward (centre) with Timo Rouhiainen (left) and Germany agent Ulf Stuhmer.

Peterson’s new agent for Finland is Propax Agro. Located in Säkylä, north of Turku. Propax Agro are also the Finnish agent for Great Plains direct drills and atv’s.

Timo Rouhiainen (pictured left with Rosie and Ulf Stuhmer (right)) is the Managing Director of Propax Agro and the pioneer of new equipment into Finland. On his team is Severi Reini, a former sawmiller and technician with Kara and Laimet mills. Severi, who is fluent in Russian,
will be the driving force behind demonstrations and sales of Petersons in Finland and parts of Russia.

To launch the agency Peterson’s European Representative, Rosie Coward, and German Agent, Ulf Stuhmer, flew to Finland to demonstrate the Peterson portable sawmill at the Okra Farm Show, that ran from 30 June – 2 July. The show attracted approximately 30,000 visitors and is primarily an agricultural show with forestry machinery demonstrations and exhibits.

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Rosie running the WPF at the show.

Per Rosie Coward, “we chose to launch the Peterson mill at this show as many of our mill owners are farmers and foresters who wish to harvest their own timber, or diversify from their farming business into contract milling.

“This is the first time to our knowledge that a swingblade mill has been seen in Finland and we therefore generated a lot of interest in this new style of milling.”

Further demonstrations of the sawmill across Finland are planned along with attending a show in St Petersburg, Russia, in October of this year.

Petersons took the 8” Winch Production Frame mill with 24hp Honda motor and maximum blade cut size of 210mm (420mm double cut) to the show, mostly cutting spruce and pine logs of 30 – 50 cm dia. The timber cut at the show was used for fence posts and barn repairs.

For more details on Petersons in Finland and to see a mill demonstration please contact:

Propax Agro Oy, Myllytie 19, Säkylä 27800, Finland
Tel:+358(0)28674801 Fax: +358(0)28674801
Email: agro@propax.fi Website: www.suorakylvo.net
Contact: Timo Rouhiainen Mob:+358(0)414382 989

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