40 Foot Longfellow

milling long trees oversized on extendable sawmill tracks

While milling the timber for a mate’s house in West Virginia, US, Jeff Sincell came across this beauty. The red spruce log came from the owners stand on his family farm, where, situated at 3800 feet, the spruce are flourishing. This log in particular stretched over 40 feet.

Using track extensions on his Peterson WPF, Jeff and his mates were able to yield a long 6×10 beam that contained 200 board feet alone, as well as a 12 foot beam and numerous 20 and 30 foot beams from the log. Total harvest from the one log was over 900 board feet – not a bad effort indeed!

Jeff’s mate built a 38×38 log house and required about 50 of those beams of varying lengths. The log pictured was an estimated 2800 pounds in weight, which they moved around using a big skidder with a fork lift and a pair of tongs.

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