I am more pleased with my WPF, now than ever!

Jimmy Edwards went over to a mate’s place to see his new ASM, and he was quickly won over – by the Peterson mill, and the staff. He is now the proud owner of a Winch Production Frame.

Hello to all the Peterson staff and management
Just wanted to say thanks for allowing Craig Blake (the then NE State Rep) to travel to Louisiana to train my mate and myself on our new Peterson sawmills. Craig did a wonderful job instructing us in the proper use and maintenance of our mills. His knowledge and expertise amazed me!

He was patient with all our questions, and didn’t mind repeating himself if we had trouble understanding. I’ve seen his posts on the Forestry Forum (under Captain), and he is always quick to offer help or advice, and not just with Peterson products. I just can’t say enough good things about him! He also gave us some great ideas on how to save time and money in our business ventures with the sawmills. I really look forward to a working relationship with him in the future.
I also have a greater appreciation for the products produced by Peterson. The quality is top-notch, and I am more pleased with my WPF now than ever! For what I need, I don’t think there is any better product on the market. I still marvel at the quality of the lumber produced by these machines!

My mate’s ASM is a beast – it chewed up logs and spit out lumber! That thing could work three good men to death!!!! For a stationary mill, I don’t think you could beat it. And it’s still relatively simple and straightforward. It is portable too, just not as much so as my WPF. I think we both made good decisions on the mills we needed. And Peterson made good products to meet those needs.
So again, thanks for making all this possible. Keep up the good work!

Jimmy Edwards

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