Peterson Portable Sawmills

Hard Wood Made Easy Work

Recently our Senior Sales Consultant, Aaron Kalan, travelled to Pucallpa, Peru to help one of our Agents, Alex Chiu, with a demo day. While there, Alex showed Aaron around Pucallpa and took him to a milling site where one of our 2003 WPF large frame sawmills was being used.

Fidel Tuesta from Palo Verde SAC in Pucallpa is the owner of the large frame WPF. Fidel and his workers mill about 5 – 6 cube a day of hard wood. With the large frame and 18 meter tracks, the mill makes easy work of extra large logs.

Back in 2003 Fidel was taking his mill to the logs but then found it more productive to bring the logs to the mill. In the photos above is Fidel’s stationary mill set up. They changed the 20hp Honda motor that was originally on it, to a Siemen 15hp three phase electric motor. This set up is very unique and works really well for their environment.

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