Peterson Portable Sawmills

You Can Do Anything with a Peterson

This is the house that Estin Teter and his mate Jeff Sincell built with lumber milled on a Peterson sawmill.

The house has a footprint of 38ft x 38ft and is made entirely out of red spruce trees which Estin harvested from his family’s farm in Randolph County, West Virginia. Red spruce is a very tall evergreen that grows in the higher elevations of the Appalachian Mountains. It is a light and extremely stable softwood that is sometimes used for making violins. Jeff milled each tree using his 2002 8″ 24hp Honda WPF cutting 6×10″ beams for the walls and 1″ boards for flooring and the gable ends. Five of the beams were cut full length to 40 feet, a task made possible by simply adding track to the Peterson.

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