Peterson Portable Sawmills

Swampy Milling

In the middle of the jungle, some villagers from Guapi are milling some local hardwood using their Peterson Winch Production Frame (WPF).

Guapi’s jungle is very wet and swampy, so to stop the mill from sinking into the ground, the mill has been set up on a row of small trees that have been laid down flat. Although we don’t recommend this type of milling set up, it is a very interesting and innovative one.

The villagers are milling timber to be used to build houses in their local village and some of the timber will also be sold at the local markets.

Earlier this year, our Colombian Agent, Primal Ltda introduced five WPF mills into different regions of Colombia – just like Guapi. Five months on, milling in these areas are still going strong and everything is running smoothly – which can only be put down to the intensive training provided by our Agents.

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