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Here at Peterson’s we like to really test our products before we sell them to our customers.

We wanted to know how easy it would be to lift these two 220kg (485lbs) cants/flitches with our newest Peterson product the Cant Carrier. The ladies tried it out first and once we co-ordinate ourselves to lift all at the same time, it was pretty easy. Then we gave the guys the challenge of lifting it which they did with ease, so we thought we would really test them by sitting on the cants. As you can see that wasn’t too much of a struggle for them either.

The Peterson Cant Carrier can help you move those large cants/flitches or beams more easily without putting the strain on your back. Custom-built for the most common cant sizes, the Cant Carrier can grab beams and pull or lift anywhere from 8” to 24” wide. Two Cant Carriers can lift up to 450kg (992lbs) – of course you might need a few more helpers for a monster cant this big! Email us today for a quote on your new Cant Carrier!

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