Peterson’s PNG Agent AGMARK LTD

In a part of the world unique for its tropical vibrancy, rich resources, and internal turmoil, who would have guessed that this would be home to the newest Peterson Agent.

NGIP Agmark are one of Papua New Guinea’s largest Agricultural companies with an expansive commercial operation servicing the rural community. NGIP Agmark has a growing network of hardware, machinery and agricultural retail centre’s located in Rabaul, Kimbe, Lae and Madang with minor outlets in many other locations.

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The Agmark Team at the Morobe Show

Priding itself on sourcing quality products, the NGIP Group of Companies consists of Agmark Pacific Ltd, the main operation for machinery and construction machines, including the Peterson range of portable sawmills.

Geoff Beamish is the Mainland Operations Manager of Agmark and has a dedicated team who will proactively market the Peterson range of portable sawmills. On his team is Douglas Paraide and Jenny Tagi, who are the main driving force behind demonstrations and sales of Petersons in Papua New Guinea.

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Douglas Paraide Peterson Salesman for Agmark Pacfic Ltd

Having recently attended the Morobe Show in October, their first trade show with a Peterson Portable Sawmill, Agmark received an influx of new enquiries. “We took an 8” 27hp ATS to the show. It was great to show the difference between the Peterson and other sawmills at the show, we were even within close proximity to our competitors, which was great” Douglas Paraide of Agmark Pacific Ltd explains, “everyone is wanting to know when they would be able to have one of these machines for themselves”.

As Petersons is still relatively new to Papua New Guinea, Agmark have been using many different marketing methods to get the word out. A quick photo shoot in New Zealand, supplied Agmark with enough material to start an advertising campaign via television and radio. “ Papua New Guinea is a market well-suited to our product and with Agmark’s strong promotional channels and excellent customer service, our customers can look forward to being well looked after” says Lee Morris, International Distribution Consultant for Petersons.

The Peterson range of mills are very suited to this climate, in fact, the idea was first conceived in the jungles of Fiji. This is where the design for the ATS [All Terrain Sawmill] was born and why this model is so popular in the Pacific Islands. With their last container order, Agmark also included a number of WPFs [Winch Production Frame] – something new to introduce that will benefit contractors and operators in more urban areas of the market place.

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Jenny T demonstrates how easy the mill is to operate

For commercial operations, the ASM [Automated Swingblade Mill] is the ultimate in machinery as it offers high, accurate and consistent production with much reduced effort. “We have a handful of customers in Papua New Guinea that operate the ASM,” says Lee “… generally used in one location, these types of operations require a mill with high production for the export industry, while still being fairly portable – which the ASM can easily achieve.”

With a personalized approach to customer service, Agmark offers assistance with business plans, showing owners and clients how to increase their operation, and recommending a product that suits their requirements.

press release ag3

ASM training in PNG

Offering training for each mill sold and following up with prospective customers, is just one of the tools Agmark uses to ensure a constant relationship. “I believe the main concern our customers have is service. Unfortunately, many companies lack this in terms of selling their product”, explains Douglas “Talking to customers and existing owners, they all comment on one major thing “The Peterson is more advanced than [similar products on the market]” and they comment on the affordable price of the spare parts we hold in stock. Owners of the older Peterson mills have thanked us for holding these parts as they are now able to source these locally.”

Having many years of experience within the local industry, Agmark has a sturdy reputation as a supplier of quality products. Together, the team at Agmark will offer support and services to customers, who will benefit from having a local dealer in their country that is so well established.

For more details on the Peterson range of portable sawmills in Papua New Guinea, please contact:

Agmark Machinery

Aircorps Road
P.O. Box 348
Lae. 411.
Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

Web: www.agmark.com.pg

AG Mark

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22 comments shared

  1. Rusiat John says:

    Please send a quote for a sawmill

    • Maurice van Liempd says:

      Thanks for your enquiry John, one of our sawmill consultants will get in touch with you soon.

  2. mmatui says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am interested in purchase of a sawmill. Please supply me a 6 inch or an 8 inch. Thank you.


    • Hi there 🙂 I have forwarded your message to our sales department. Thanks for your enquiry.

  3. Jethro Wamm says:

    Am interested in buying one. Where is your office located here in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea?

    • Hi there Jethro, Agmark Machinery are our Agents in Papua New Guinea and can assist you. They are located at Kawai Dr, POM and their phone number is: +675 323 2658. Kind regards, Layla Robinson from Peterson HQ in New Zealand.

  4. Quenten Buki says:

    Good day Sir, can you kindly send me a quotation for a petPeterson 8″ 30hp to the given email address

  5. John Lutherr says:

    I need a heavy duty chainsaw with fittings to mill timbers in small scales in the village. Please provide quote via email.

    Thank you,
    John Luther
    Phone: 70422816

    • Thanks for your enquiry, John. I have forwarded it to Agmark Machinery in PNG, they will contact you soon.

  6. KEVY J SINDANG says:

    Is there any options of a hure buy and sale deals for a Patterson Saw Mill.
    We are currently using chain saws to harvest our timber at Munum village ,Lae.Morobe Province.PNG.

    Currently contact on my email or mo bile phone 675 72922000


  7. Wilson Kepas says:

    Dear madleen
    I am interested to know more about Paterson portable sawmill. Do you have 6inch or just 8 inch. Please supply quote for both and a brief description of its features and and functions


  8. Freddy Taravaru says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m really desperate for a sawmill like the one advertised in the newspaper. I’m asking our national member to assist purchase one for my community. Please send quotation for Peterson portable sawmill 8″ All Terrain 35hp Engine . That should also include freights to Buka Port. I think the Kokopo Branch is much closure to Buka and you have Agmark shipping operating at this locations.My address is;



    • Aaron says:

      Hey Freddy, Glen or Maddy from Agmark Machinery will be in touch with a quote.
      Kind Regards


    • Karen Shaw says:

      Hi Freddy, Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’ve forwarded your comment to Agmark Machinery who are our Agents for PNG. Agmark have a great team with a vast range of skills and knowledge of the Sawmilling industry. They hold a wide range of Parts in stock and can provide expert advice, technical support and training.
      Madleen or Glen from Agmark Machinery will provide a quote for you.

  9. Aaron Kalan says:

    Hi Alex, Agmark Machinery are running a special for their range of Portable Sawmills an 8″ – 27hp is 75000.00 kina. ex Lae freight to your Province will cost extra.
    The Agmark Machinery Road Show special includes 3 days on site training and a Solo Chainsaw. For an official quote please contact Madleen Iani or Glen Sheargold.

    Madleen Iani
    Sales Consultant
    NGIP Agmark Group of Companies
    Aircorps Road, Lae
    PO Box 348, Lae, Morobe Province
    Papua New Guinea

    Mobile: +675 720 22834
    Ph: +675 472 6324
    Fax: +675 472 6979
    Email: miani@agmark.com.pg

    Glen Sheargold
    National Manager-Machinery Division
    NGIP Agmark Group of Companies
    Aircorps Road, Lae
    PO Box 348, Lae, Morobe Province
    Papua New Guinea

    Ph: 675 – 4726324
    Mob: 675 7124 1892

    • Kalie oro says:

      I am a new interest person who is willing to have one day a brand new peterson sawmill. Before that am trying my best to do major maintence work on 8″ mill for the start.
      I therefore kindly ask if you will be in a better position to supply me the qoute for parts including freight from lae to Kiunga. Upon your response I will send the part discription.

      Kalie Oro.

  10. Alex Ndreyaha says:

    I would like to kindly ask you to email me a quote of Patterson Sawmill and a chainsaw to accompany my proposal.

  11. Russell Cheong says:

    Dear Sir,

    Could you be kind enough to send me a quotation for the range of Portable sawmills plus their brands to my email address.

    Also please include shipping cost from Lae to Vanimo.

    • Hi there Russell, thank you for your enquiry. Aaron will be in touch with you shortly with the information you have requested. Best regards, Layla.

  12. Rhyan Tokaep says:

    Am interested to buy the sawmill and have been impressed by TV ads but really want to own one. Reason for owning one is that i can get into properties in town and cutting own timber cuts capital prices.

    In the village i wish to assist villages to cut timbers and build proper housing, hence improve standard of living.

    • Aaron says:

      Hello Rhyan, if you would to purchase a Peterson sawmill feel free to give the team at Agmark Pacific a call or email or you are more than welcome to contact me via phone or email any time.

      Agmark Pacific
      email vsamson@agmark.com.pg
      ph (675) 472-6324

      Peterson Sawmills
      email akalan@petersonsawmills.com
      ph 64 7 3480863

      Kind Regards


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