Peterson Portable Sawmills

Summer Dreams…

Scot Postle had dreams of spending the summer by the lake under cover of a new shelter house built with lumber cut from his Peterson ATS.

When hurricane Ike blew through his home state Ohio last summer, it provided more than enough downed trees for Scot to begin his project.

Scot and his family work together to cut wood for the shelter and to build it and he really enjoys this aspect of the project, “it’s very rewarding working with my family,” said Scot.

“The other great thing is that we saved a lot of money on lumber and labor doing it ourselves,” Scot admitted. “This project will provide many years of priceless memories and good times with reunions, birthday parties, school and church parties, as well as time to relax and fish with the kids!”

Below is an updated image from Scot (May 2009). As you can see, the roof has been added and Scot has completed everything but the floor. Now it is easy for us to imagine what Scot and his family have been dreaming about all winter – summer family fun by the lake.

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