Building a home with a Peterson Mill

With pine, oak, maple and poplar trees on their land north of Toronto ON Canada, Robin and Fawnda Pellett and their son Matthew are using their 10″ WPF mill to build a new house!

Robin designed the home and along with his son Matt, they have cut down the trees, hauled them out of the forest, milled them in the early spring, and did all of the joinery on the beams.

The home is situated at the base of a rock ridge and Fawnda says the view from the windows, especially the dormers on the second floor, is breath taking. “Our home is a labour of love, inspiration and dedication.”

“The first phase was the raising of the garage, which was a test for all of their efforts,” said Fawnda. “When the first bent was raised, family and friends came to participate and experience this unique and rewarding experience. The beams fit together like a glove! What a testimony to the precision and experitse of their talents. Matt calls it modern pioneering.”

“The mill has been a valuable asset and many people have come to see it and marvel at its functionality and versatility,” Fawnda said. “Robin investigated different mills when he considered buying a sawmill and this was the winner, hands down. His instructor at College had a friend who had purchased one and strongly recommended it to Robin.”

We will catch up with the Pellet family again soon and see how they’re getting on with their custom built home so watch this space.

The skills Robin learned on a three month course in timber framing at the College of the Rockies in British Columbia, are evident in these images.

Layla Robinson

Layla Robinson has worked with Peterson Portable Sawmills since 2006 and has been the company's Marketing Manager since 2008.

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