My Peterson is so versatile

New Zealand eco-sawmiller and logger Max Cody, uses his Peterson sawmill to mill selectively felled trees for specialist projects like cutting super large logs for large and/or long beams.

Max has an 8″ 24hp mill that can cut beams up to 200mm x 400mm, and with his track extensions he can cut a beam 8m long. “You can’t buy beams this long or as big from your hardware store, they have to be specifically cut to order,” said Max. “As my Peterson mill is so versatile I can make the specialist cuts ordered.”

Max cuts mainly Lawson cypress and red cedar to order and sells his timber through Auckland to the wider New Zealand market. Much of his timber is used in eco projects/villages and private homes. All the timber he sells is untreated and naturally durable.

“It is very popular in today’s market where everyone is more eco-aware, yet they need timber that will last too, said Max. He uses the heartwood of the Lawson cypress and red cedar logs for timber.

“It doesn’t need to be treated as it is naturally durable and it will last for years; for example, the Japanese used Lawson cypress to build their temples over 100 years ago and they are still standing.”

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