It’s all thanks to the accuracy of the Peterson sawmill that cut it

Jack Lyford has built his dream house (above). All the timber except the roof trusses and the piles were sawn by himself on his Jack the Giant Killer Peterson Portable Sawmill. The trees came from a variety of locations around New Zealand. Many are natives to this country.

The entrance hallway has swamp Kauri from the Glen Murray swamp, flooring and the wall panelling is Totara from out of the Whakatane River.

The formal dining room is panelled with redwood which was felled to make way for a farm road at Waitawheta.

In the kitchen the large wood stoves are surrounded with macrocarpa. It was felled to clear a boundary fence line at Lower Kaimai.

And the floor of the bathrooms and other hallways is gum from Tauriko.

It is hard to believe that this house was built with rough sawn framing. It’s all thanks to the accuracy of the Peterson Portable Sawmill which cut it all.

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  1. Chris White says:

    I worked for Jack traveling around with his mill went all over the place. Good times

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