Andy Harvey

Andy Harvey with his sawmill loaded for transport.Name: Andy Harvey
Location: Guildford, Surrey England.
Mill: 30hp W.P.F.

Set up (accessories): Hi/Lo

Operation: We have a big demand here for English Oak, unfortunately it is rare or I would be very wealthy by now! It is written that European Temperate Hardwoods are a better investment than gold. It is my aim to cut and store 100-200 cubes over the next decade. I will then kick back, set up a furniture making workshop, and fulfil a lifetime passion.

Favourite Peterson Feature: The exhilaration experienced when seeing tree trunks rapidly converted into usable timber accurately and with minimal effort. At timber shows the Peterson stops people in their tracks, they have never witnessed the like.

Tip/Advice: Believe in your machine – you have the very best.

Motto: Tree trunk to Timber in no time! 

Andy Harvey milling with his Peterson WPF Andy Harvey using his WPF Sawmill in the field.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot!

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