Chad Burrell

Chad Burrell with his Peterson Sawmill.Name: Chad Burrell
Location: Vermont, USA
Mill: 2006 10″ 13hp Honda ATS
Add ons: Three extra brace legs for better support on uneven terrain. 

Operation: Chad is a timber framer specializing in Asian frames and predominately Japanese joinery. He bought his Peterson Portable Sawmill because he couldn’t purchase timber that was as square and accurate as was he striving for.

Best feature: Chad is amazed with everything about his mill, especially the excellent quality and accuracy of the mill.

Tip: Chad recommends this program called Google Sketch Up, to help you with your building plans.

Motto: “For me this is a labor of love, an endless adventure!”

Chad Burrell's ATS Sawmill ready to start milling.

Chad’s ATS mill set up, ready to start milling.

Chad Burrell milling in the snow.

Chad ready for milling out in the snow.

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