Peterson Portable Sawmills

Chris Carter

Chris Carter from Gisborne, NZ, with his sawmill.Name: Chris Carter
Location: Gisborne, New Zealand
Mill: Log Locust 90cc Dolmar*
Add ons: Custom winch frame

Operation: Chris purchased his mill secondhand and has enjoyed his experiences dealing with Peterson Sawmills. He mills macrocarpa and has cut timber for various sheds, work benches and chicken houses. Chris also plans to use much of the timber for renovations on his home.

Favorite feature: I love the overall portability, convenience, simplicity and flexibility of my small lightweight model.

Tip: Save your money so you can afford to buy the biggest model you are likely to need and buy a property with lots of millable trees to keep you occupied.

Motto/quote: “Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you are doing.”

Chris Carter, using his Peterson in the field. Chris Carter cutting in the vertical with his sawmill.

*The log locust is no longer manufactured by Peterson Portable Sawmills. For a full current product listing click here

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