Peterson Portable Sawmills

Dave McElwain

Dave McElwain and his Peterson WPF Sawmill.Name: Dave McElwain
Location: Lima, Ohio, USA
Mill: 2002 8″ 24hp WPF
Add ons: Hi/Lo Track

Operation: Dave purchased his Peterson Sawmill secondhand and spent six weeks refurbishing it completely. Dave says he now possesses an excellent understanding of how the mill works inside and out. It is now used for custom milling hardwood as well as cutting timber for Dave’s own projects.

Best feature: The ease of operation and simplicity to set up.

Tip: Wax all stainless and aluminium for ease of operation and to keep the mill clean. If you run out of fuel at the end of the day don’t forget to turn off the key, otherwise the battery will drain and need recharging.

Dave McElwain's secondhand sawmill.

Dave’s 2002 secondhand mill, still going strong after refurbishing.

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