Glenn Marquette

Glenn Marquette - with his son.Name: Glenn Marquette
Location: Brodhead, Wisconsin, USA
Mill: 2005 10″ 27hp Kohler ASM
Add ons: Clip-on slabber, weatherboard attachment

Operation: Timber frame manufacture, log home and millwork.

Best feature: Automated board remover.

Tip: Spend a little extra time in setup, such as using a solid blocking for logs, and proper alignment of log to mill. It’s easy to try to rush, but it will just slow you down in the long run. Then you can relax and have fun, and you’ll actually get more done.

Motto: HFD – Have fun daily.

Read our feature article on Glenn and our Photo of the Month on how Glenn came to to NZ for his training for the ASM.

Glenn Marquette training on his new Peterson Sawmill.

Glenn training in New Zealand on his new purchase.

The newly renovated house of Glenn Marquette.

Just one of the many house that Glenn has renovated over the years.

Interior photo from Glenn Marquette's house.

Inside one of Glenn’s renovations.

Stunning ceiling in Glenn Marquette's newly renovated house, using timber from his Peterson Sawmill.

The ceiling is shown here on another.

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