Peterson Portable Sawmills

Ian Abraham

Ian Abraham - head shotName: Ian Abraham
Location: Taranaki, New Zealand
Mill: 8″ Stihl 090 WPF
Add ons: Chainsaws, Cant Hooks and whatever heavy machinery he can borrow.

Operation: Ian mostly mills lumber for building his own furniture and re-decorating his house. He gets logs from neighboring farms; milling mostly Macrocarpa, and some Lawson Cypress, Bluegum and Pine.

Favourite feature: The portability – “I can get my mill to those big logs in rough terrain, that otherwise wouldn’t be practical to harvest.”

Tip: Drink lots of water, the mill is easy to use, but you still work up a bit of a sweat tailing out all those boards.

Motto/quote: Have chainsaw, will travel!

Ian Abraham milling Macrocarpa with his Peterson Sawmill.

Ian milling a Macrocarpa log on a friends farm.

Ian Abraham's Peterson Sawmill - all set-up and ready to mill.

Set up and ready to mill.

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