Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer with a Barry Redwood.

Jeff with a Barry Redwood.

Jeff Meyer is a fifth generation woodsman, with his family having been in the timber industry for over 75 years. His father purchased a Peterson sawmill and asked Jeff to do various jobs for him. He now laments that he didn’t know what he was getting into!

Jeff soon started up a custom milling business with his partner Bryan, and because of their families’ standing’s in the community, word soon got out about the quality of work coming off their Peterson mill. That was six years ago and they haven’t looked back since.

Jeff loves to keep busy, and when he can combine working with the outdoors, he reckons work becomes fun. He loves the fresh air and being surrounded by nature, and he finds great rewards in working with wood.

Jeff has a wife and four children – three of them arriving together earlier this year. Apart from the triplets, Jeff’s latest challenge is to build a barn on his ranch, using trees that he has milled from his property.

Jeff Meyer milling a Ruth Lake Maple log.

Jeff works through a Ruth Lake Maple log.

Jeff Meyer's partner Bryan preparing a Redwood.

Jeff’s partner Bryan prepares a large redwood for milling.

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