Jerome Lauzon

Jerome Lauzon getting ready to mill with his Peterson Sawmill.Name: Jerome Lauzon
Location: Putnam Station, NY, USA 
Mill: 8″ 27hp Kohler WPF
Add ons: Hi/Lo tracks, electric winch, tapered weatherboard attachment.

Operation: I’m using the mill to build out-buildings, hardwood flooring & moulding, and also for woodworking. I am also doing custom sawing and lumber sales part time.

Favourite feature: The electric winch. I can’t imagine not having it.

Tip: Spend the extra on the winch and more horsepower. Get with a Peterson State Rep or representative for training if possible.

Last Words: Take your time with the setup. A couple extra minutes of preparation saves a lot of headaches later.

Jerome Lauzon running his Peterson Sawmill.

Jerome running the Peterson.

Stacked lumber from the Peterson Sawmill in Jerome Lauzon yard.

A beautiful stack of freshly sawn lumber.

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