Peterson Portable Sawmills

Karl Christensen

Karl Christensen - head shotName: Karl Christensen
Location: St Johnsville, New York, USA
Mill: 2002 8″ 24hp Honda WPF
Add Ons: Weatherboard attachment

Operation: Karl’s WPF is a Hi/Lo set up which has been set up in a shed so that he can mill all year-round. Milling mostly softwood such as White Pine, Hemlock and Fir for construction framing, Karl has built a 240 square foot addition to his home, and a new entrance to his store using the lumber milled from his Peterson Sawmill.

Best feature: “The electric start Honda motor. Save those pull cords for the younger guys.”

Tip: “Don’t hit your saw dogs. There are those that have (me) and those that will.”

Last Words: “OOPS” “All joking aside, the Peterson sawmill is a great asset for me and I could talk about it all day long. It is a perfect match for what I need in a mill without the huge expense to operate it.

Karl Christensen's shed set-up

Karl normally has his mill set-up in this shed so he can mill in all weather conditions.

Karl Christensen with his Peterson Sawmill in the snow.

Karl likes to take his mill to the log as it is sometimes easier, in this picture Karl is milling a Hemlock log

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