Karl Maser

Headshot of Karl Maser.Name: Karl Maser
Location: Colorado USA
Mill: 8 ” 27hp ATS
Add Ons: Weatherboard attachment

Operation: Karl operates a guest ranch which he renovates with wood cut from his Peterson mill – he also sells lumber to the public. Karl milled 8×8 bucks to set the logs on and bolted them to a concrete slab especially poured for the Peterson.

“We are currently loading the mill with a backhoe, but I have recently purchased a winch and will be pulling logs on the mill next year rather than side loading them. We will also be building a roof over the slab to keep the weather off the mill.”

Karl primarily saws lodge pole pine, but also Engelmann spruce, blue spruce, sub alpine fir and Douglas fir. “Colorado is experiencing a terrible pine beetle outbreak and I am beginning to get those logs from my neighbors as well.”

Best feature: “I am constantly amazed at how quickly and efficiently a log can be turned into dimensional lumber.”

Tip: “A little RV antifreeze in your water jug will keep the water from freezing if left out in cold temperatures, and does not affect the blade.”

Last words: “This mill will cut 20 foot 2×4’s as fast as a man can pull them and stack them.”

Karl Maser with his son at home.

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  1. steven says:

    Dear salesmanger.

    I am mr Steven from Suriname,I wanted to contact you regarding the possibility of buying some peterson sawmills
    And also due to the fact that a couple of years ago I bought one for myself and I still have it and because i see that the quality it great,and i want to buy to sell again here
    and i would like to buy them as quick as possible,so please let me know if it would be possible to ship them direct to my country Suriname

    those are the models I need,send me the information and also let me know the best prices that you can give me for those sawmills,
    and i also want use one of them if you have,and also let me know those prices ok:

    –ATS 827
    –ATS 1027

    and i want them complete with the clip on slabbers
    send me the complete prices for those parts and also send me the best second hand one that you have for those models,
    and i hope that i will get a good discount from you because i was planning on buying 2 new ones and 2 second hand ones

    have a nice day and i am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible,
    best regards

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