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Mark Duginske

Mark Duginske on his land.Name: Mark Duginske
Location: Merrill, WI, USA
Mill: 2008 10″ 27hp Kohler WPF
Add ons: Electric Winch and Microkerf Blade, Planer Blade and Slabbing Attachment.

Operation: Producing lumber and table top slabs from urban trees.

Best feature: The ability to easily double cut.

Tip: “Keep the blade sharp. Try to visualize the whole tree.”

Quote: “The Peterson Mill is the original and remains the leader in the swing blade design.”

Mark Duginske is a fourth generation central Wisconsin woodworker. He makes his living as a sawmiller, woodworker, designer, writer, and inventor. He was formally a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking Magazine , and his work has also appeared in Fine Home Building , The Design Book , Americana , Chicago Magazine , Architectural Digest , Architectural Record , Woodsmith , Wood Shop News and Wood News. His restoration work in the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Illinois has appeared on This Old House and the PBS Frank Lloyd Wright Special.

Mark has seven patents on woodworking tools and a number of patents pending. He recently sold his FastTrak patents to Kreg Tool Company. He is the author of ten books including Mastering Woodworking Machines and the Bandsaw Handbook (which is the best-selling bandsaw book in the world). He has also produced three videos including Mastering Your Bandsaw and Mastering Woodworking Machines.

His latest book “New Complete Guide To the Band Saw”, published by Fox Chapel, has been awarded the first-place 2008 Golden Hammer award.

Mark’s latest business is recycling urban trees into cabinets, furniture and buildings. In June 2009 he was certified by the state of Wisconsin to produce structural lumber from his mill for one and two family homes.

Peterson Portable Sawmills are proud to welcome Mark to the Peterson Team. As State Representative for Wisconsin, Mark offers a wealth of knowledge to any prospective Peterson mill owner who would like to know more about the world of sawmilling.

See Mark’s range of available book titles on Amazon.com.

Mark Duginske's planer blade set-up.

A Peterson planer blade smoothing a root ball table top.

Mark Duginske's slab tables at the Visual Arts exhibition.

Wasau’s Center for the Visual Arts exhibition which included five of Mark’s slab tables – three from the root ball.

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  1. Hi there everyone. Not sure that Mark checks into this page very often, so I’ll inform him of your messages so he can come and respond. Kind regards, Layla Robinson.

  2. GeoRichards says:

    Mark, I trying to identify an old band saw I’m working on. No cast numbers that I can find. Have ordered your handbook but don’t have it yet. Thank you in advance.

  3. Paul Martin says:

    Hi Mark,

    I purchased an Inca bandsaw from you ~30 years ago. It has been working well, but the little plastic insert where the blade goes through is broken. I was wondering if you might have access to or know where I might get a replacement.

    Also on a more recent topic, I have some ~8″ diameter white cedar logs that I’d like to have sawn into rough 2″ slabs, perhaps just two slabs per log. I was wondering if you do any jobs like this. I could transport the logs to your place. They are about 80″long.

    Paul Martin 715-261-6272

  4. Jonathan Kostreva says:

    Heh Mark, saw a wheeled log carrier you had on a Craiglist add and wondering what the price was and if you have one for sale?

  5. Bill Rendall says:

    I drive by Merrill Wi on the way up North to St. Germain. What type of saw do you use and what are the prices. Would like to stop by your shop.

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