Nathan Dearyan

Nathan Dearyan and his child.Name: Nathan Dearyan
Location: Arkansas, USA
Mill: 1997 9″ 24hp Honda WPF
Add ons: Cant Hooks, Electric Winch

Operation: Nathan mostly mills Southern Yellow Pine, Red and White Oak, Ash and Hickory for his own use. Nate has just got 20 tons of lumber that he is about to start milling and is waiting for another 20 tons which he plans to use to build a house. At the moment he is building a play cabin for his children.

Best feature: The vertical sizing winch.

Tip: Watch out for those nails in your log.

Motto: “Been doing so much with so little for so long I can now do anything with nothing.”

Nathan Dearyan's children playing with the woodworking tools.

This is what you call all hands on deck. Two of Nate’s six children, Hannah and Isaiah, are giving him a hand.

Nathan Dearyan's child with the Peterson Sawmill.

Nate’s mill and his son Jeremiha who wants to grow up and be a miller just like his dad.

Nathan Dearyan with his WPF Peterson Sawmill.

Nathan standing next to his WPF mill.

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