Owen Burns

Owen Burns with slab from DWS sawmill.Name: Owen Burns
Location: Eungella, QLD, Australia
Mill: 2007 10″ 27hp Kohler WPF and 25hp Kohler DWS

Operation: Owen mills a wide variety of logs, tree stumps and branches; some of the species are Australian Red Cedar, White Cedar, Australian Blackwood (Wattle), Sassafras and Silky Oak. Owen mills as part of his small business,Orb Timbers. Recently he cut over 200 cattle yard rails (6” x 2”), half a dozen cattle yard walkways (16” x 2”) out of only 11 blue gum logs – none were less than 3.5 meters long. With some spare time at the end of the second day, Owen slabbed a hefty Mackay Cedar into five slabs, the largest slab measuring a whopping 30” wide by 3” thick, and a little over 4 meters long. It was a four man job lifting that one, but only took minutes to cut with the DWS.

Best feature: “How fast it is to mill timber with a Peterson. Even the DWS is unbelievably fast.”

Tip: Don’t be afraid to adjust your mill to suit your needs.

Motto: “Let the mill do all the work.”

Owen Burns milling blue gum with his WPF sawmill.

While doing a custom milling job Owen was milling 4.8 meter long boards out of blue gum to be used as cattle yard rails.

Owen Burns with Blackwood Wattle slab.

Using the Double Cut Owen is slabbing a Blackwood Wattle log with his WPF. Blackwood is a hardwood that grows in most states of Australia.

Owen Burns with both WPF and DWS sawmills on same set of tracks.

Owen has a WPF and a DWS which are set up on the same set of tracks, so he can cut his slabs and mill the rest of the log into dimensional timber.

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