Paul Van Steenberghe

Paul Van Steenberghe - head shotName: Paul Van Steenberghe
Location: Maine, USA
Mill: 2006 8″ 27hp Kohler ATS
Add ons: Clip on slabber, Micro Kerf Blade

Operation: Paul mills for personal use and uses the wood to build sheds for his tools and equipment. Paul normally gets logs that have been blown down or damaged in storms, mostly milling Pine, Spruce and Hemlock on his 240 acre woodlot.

Best feature: The swing blade – allowing boards to be cut with one walk down the mill and back with no turning of the log.

Tip: If you are milling where it snows, be sure to skid your logs while the snow is on the ground. This helps prevent damage to the forest floor and keeps grit of the log.

Motto: “Tread lightly and cut selectively, keep the forest whole, healthy and beautiful and it will continue to support and reward you forever.”

Paul Van Steenberghe milling with this Peterson Sawmill. Paul Van Steenberghe milling dimensional lumber with his Peterson Sawmill.

Paul Van Steenberghe milling a log with his Peterson ATS mill.

Paul and his two sons milling a Pine log that had been damaged in a storm.

Paul Van Steenberghe using his Peterson Clip-On Slabber.

Slabs cut with Pauls Clip on Slabber they are around 3″ thick and 12′ long and around 22 -26″ wide.

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