Peter Throop

Peter Throop wearing his Peterson clothing.Name: Peter Throop
Location: Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Mill: 8″ 27hp Kohler WPF
Add ons: Electric winch, tacho meter, EZ Dogs

Operation: Milling Pine, Spruce and Cedar for barn siding. I hope to make milling my main job when I retire.

A good experience so far: “This weekend I got time to set the mill up. Matter of fact I put it together on my front lawn. I had lots of people looking and some stopped and asked what it was ,when I told them it was a portable sawmill they were very surprised! A neighbor on my street asked if I would be interested in doing some milling for him.”

Motto: “Do the best you can and do not cut corners to save money!”

Peter Throop set his sawmill up on his front lawn.

The mill set up at Peter’s home.

Peter Throop's trailer for transporting his Peterson mill.

Inside the trailer Peter uses to transport his Peterson sawmill.

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  1. Steven Evans says:

    I have been doing a lot of slabbing, however not very efficiently. I have just been using my stihl 660 and the beam machine. It works, but not completely accurate nor fast. How much for the setup? Can you use the set up with a chainsaw?


    • Aaron says:

      Hello Steven, we have a number of different models to choose from which are designed to suit a wide range of Sawmilling projects and budgets.

      Our WPF range of models are our most versatile and popular sawmills at present.

      Prices start from around $17000.00 up to $45000.00 and there are a range of accessories available such as Clip-On Slabbers which can be fitted to a standard Peterson Sawmill to cut wide Slabs up to 1.5 meters (5ft) in width.

      If you purchase a Clip-on Slabber you wont need to use your Alaskan Mill ever again.

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