Peterson Portable Sawmills

Roger Hicks

Roger Hicks of Georgia, USA.Name: Roger Hicks
Location: Lizella, Georgia USA
Mill: 2009 8″ 27hp WPF
Add Ons: Hi/Lo, Electric Winch and overhead monorail for moving the logs into place.

Operation: Roger mills any type of timber and has been working on building a shed and barn on his property.

Best feature: The ease of use of the Peterson is definitely it’s best feature. “My son even operates the mill, it’s the first thing I’ve bought that he’s really taking to!”

Tip: “The Electric Winch is a must!”

Roger Hicks's son operating his Peterson Sawmill.

Roger’s son operating his Peterson WPF

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  1. Todd Burch says:

    Hi Roger. Why is the electric winch "a must"? Any more pictures of your overhead monorail?

  2. Raymond says:

    Hi I have a electric Peterson mill, but because we need be in rural areas at times I am wanting to buy a “cart” that runs from left to right on the mill.The “cart” the motor is mounted too.
    I would think it will be a straight mount, but my electric unit runs a 8″ blade and I want the petrol unit to run a 10″ blade.
    I want a price on the cart without engine, but the rest need to be complete,that is if I can buy it like that.

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