Russell Wilkins

Russell Wilkins with his Peterson Sawmill.Name: Russell Wilkins
Location: Runnells, Iowa, USA
Mill: 2002 8″ 24hp Honda WPF Lo/Lo
Add Ons: Taper board attachment, skid loader, farm tractor, homemade log arch. 

Operation: 99% is custom milling, using the customers logs. Almost always the wood is oak or walnut used for timber frame houses or furniture. I have milled some silver maple to use for trailer floors too, as well as hickory, pine, fir, locust, sycamore, cottonwood, and hackberry.

Best feature: Not having to stack boards to edge them, and getting that smooth cut first time is top of the list. And being able to re-tip my own blades is a close second.

Tip: Keep a close watch on your blade cutting pattern.

Russell Wilkins demonstrating his Peterson Sawmill at Iowa Woodworking Show.

Demonstrating his WPF at the Iowa Woodworking Show.

Russell Wilkins and Chris Browne, milling with the Peterson Sawmill.

Inspecting the first cuts, Russell (right) and Chris Browne.

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